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Flowers of the Aristocracy Series

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A Fun and Flirty Mystery Series

 An innocent kiss might not have sealed her fate. Even a scandalously slippery jelly could be explained away. But revealing one’s long hidden charms to the local nobility can only lead Lady Felicity into marriage or ruination.

How could a childhood game become so complicated? How could a dessert behave so decadently? And how could his own shrubbery become so untamed? Caught between debt, honour, and Felicity’s more than irate brother, Lord Algernon Barclay’s immediate future can only lead in one direction. Straight into a parson’s noose.

But even while reconciling themselves to their fate, a killer stalks. Amid attempted murder, thieving relatives, and renovating an impoverished estate, will they surrender to their shared attraction, or will Algernon’s stubborn heart convince her to give up and leave him.

This light-hearted Regency mystery romance is suitable for ages 16 and above due to sensual love scenes. 

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 Drat the woman! Did she have to be so beautiful, to smell so enticing? A year of avoidance and she still tempted him beyond distraction. Made him want her with a passion that almost frightened him, but he knew better than to go there again...

He had been about to go down on his knees, beg her to make him the happiest of men, when Sophia Barclay had suddenly spoken, her lilting tones ringing loud and clear. ‘I won’t marry Brendon Spencer! I absolutely refuse!’ Saved him a world of indignity, he supposed, but the rejection still cut deep. Even taking a mistress hadn’t lessened the pain. Especially when that mistress might have spilled his secret. A secret that he would rather cut off his nose than reveal.

Drat the man! How dare he barge back into her life and make assumptions. Brendon Spencer had abandoned her, and had taken a mistress for a whole year! What gave him the right to become so affronted? Sophia would go to breakfast with whomsoever she liked, regardless of propriety! Why should she care what he thought? No one had worried about her while she was alone, certainly not that pompous arse!

But her heart throbbed at the sight of him and her insides fluttered alarmingly, even while the humiliation of unrequited love burned deep. How could she still want him when he clearly thought nothing of her?

With his father in imminent danger and responsibility threatening fast, can Brendon face his fears and contain his legendary temper long enough to win the woman he most desires?

A Promise of Pure Gardenias (Book 2 in the Untamed Regency series) is a standalone story suitable for ages 16 and upwards due to sensual love scenes and adult language. This fun and flirty series is best read in order to appreciate returning characters and places.

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 Who would have believed it? His lifelong friend, Lord Pierce Trenchard engaged! To none other than the lovely, but frivolous Angelique Lancer. As if hurt pride, a broken nose, and crushed hopes were not enough, the surprise announcement in the London paper almost made Lord Lucas Caruthers choke on his breakfast.

Lovely she may be, but marriage to a woman who prefers to peruse books rather than follow the hunt? Not in Pierce’s lifetime! However, with essential body parts under threat of imminent amputation, what other options does a man have? None. The Peckham Pulveriser, a notorious cheating prizefighter, breaker of the Caruthers noble nose, and brother of Angelique, is not a man one can reason with... Unless Pierce can perhaps persuade someone else to do the dreaded deed! A visit to his most stalwart friend, the recently jilted Lucas Caruthers, is clearly in order.

Lucas could barely believe his own ears! Friends they might be, but marrying his archrival’s sister was stretching the boundaries too far. Although the suggestion did throw up certain ideas. Could Pierce’s ill fortune be Lucas’ salvation? A chance to seek retribution for his own pain and ruined looks, while saving his friend from a parson’s noose? It certainly seemed an opportunity not to be missed.

But the truth about Angelique is not quite what Lucas has been led to believe. His quest for revenge reveals depths he would never have imagined, and while Pierce disappears into hiding, Lucas’ is left with the delightful tilt of a stubborn chin, a pair of deliciously determined shoulders, and the heady fragrance of Midnight Orchids playing on his mind.

And this time he concedes that, if the Pulveriser wants to fight it out, it might not be simply the Caruthers nose that is broken.

A Ring of Midnight Orchids – book 3 in the Untamed Regency series, is a light-hearted Regency romance, suitable for anyone age 16+
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New Release!

 There is nothing, and no one, quite like a fool in love.

Lord Pierce Trenchard knew the truth of the anecdote far too well. For three years he had been kicking himself for being one such idiot. How many times had he wished he had taken his chance while he could, fallen on bended knee, and captured Daisy Caruthers’ heart?

But bothering to sacrifice his freedom and propose had been a step further than he cared to tread. Besides, why did he need to? It was inevitable that Daisy would one day be his. At a time of his choosing. Or, more likely, when he at last confessed the feelings of his lifelong, love sick heart.

However, declaring one’s romantic intensions isn’t as easy as it sounds. Especially when one must also pluck up the courage to tell one’s best friend. Who happens to be your prospective lover’s brother, and a champion pugilist to boot.

So Pierce hadn’t thrown himself on Cupid’s arrow. Instead he had waited. And dithered. And assumed. Only to be outwitted by the well-heeled Duke of Portland, who had bedazzled Daisy with a title and fortune far exceeding Pierce’s own.

Not that Pierce would ever accuse Daisy of accepting the lure of status and wealth over love. No, Daisy was wild and untameable, vivacious and fun. Rank meant little, and the most brightly polished jewel appeared dull in comparison to her natural sparkle. But it seemed that women worried about being left on the shelf. And Daisy had clearly been left idling there for far too long.

And so, in a whirlwind of wedding plans, Pierce lost her. The biggest regret of his life. But fate can be fickle and has now given him a second chance. Daisy is in mourning. Her husband, the Duke of Portland, is dead! And although it is far too soon to declare his love, this time Pierce isn’t going to linger and let anything, least of all convention, stand in his way.

It is just a pity that he is accused of the Duke’s murder, and is now on the run. Before he can willingly put himself in leg-shackles, he must prove his innocence, and escape the hangman’s noose!

A Fragile Chain of Daisies is a standalone mystery romance, the latest in my ongoing Regency Flowers series. To immerse yourself in the grandeur & dazzle of English country estates, the London scene, and the total power and stunning wealth of the aristocracy read my other titles to appreciate the characters, relationships, society rules, and outrageous events mentioned in this book.  

Suitable for all ages 16+ 

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