Emerald Eyes & Amethyst Nights


Copyright©Jackie Williams 2014

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First books in the Hidden Gems series of standalone mystery romance.

Dean loved working with London’s most acclaimed jewellery designer, but some priceless gems glimmered far more temptingly than the rest. His whole body burned every time he caught sight of Emma's dazzling emerald eyes, but even while he ached to have her, the politics of a workplace romance and fear of rejection kept him silent.

Until that day.

That day was the day after the night before. The night Dean had almost passed out at the sight of his beautiful, near naked Emma, eyes glittering wildly as she gyrated around a cold metal pole at his local strip club. Now, after almost five years of keeping his emotions safely hidden, he was determined to not only do something about the way he felt, but also about her shocking evening activities.

The jewellery might have been incredible, but the artistic limitations, the pay, and Emma's over familiar, sweaty palmed boss were certainly not. Sitting beside Dean every day was the highlight of her life even though the nightly fantasy of becoming lovers instead of friends had long since passed.

Until that day.

That was the day when Dean's weary eyes suddenly twinkled as they caught hers, and his sparkling proposal demanded far more answers than she knew how to give.

Emerald Eyes is a sensual, feel good, workplace romance with adult scenes and language. Suitable for those aged over 16yrs who love a shorter mystery romance.

copyright©Jackie Williams 2015

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A Short snippet from Emerald Eyes

        Jewellery making wasn’t as glamorous as some people thought. Abrasions were not that uncommon.

        His eyes automatically dropped to her right hand. He picked it up and examined it carefully, not letting her pull away even when it was clear that she wanted to. Healed white lines bisected two of her knuckles. Impressions of Walker’s teeth? Something Dean had never experienced in his life before, swept through him. A tsunami of roiling emotions. Hate, rage, fear, desperation! He was going to kill Walker; was going to tear the man’s heart out through his throat. His vision swam as he imagined the man lying at his feet. All sanity left him. He was going to stamp the man’s eyeballs into the back of his brain!

        He fought for control, fought to tame his wild emotions. They weren’t safe, weren’t sane. He slammed his jaws together and bit down on his temper, battled the rage that threatened to consume his thoughts. He wasn’t the one who had been abused or hurt. He had to respect Emma’s own way of dealing with the viper. Dean’s voice scraped his throat as he spoke.

        “I wish I had known. I’d have thrown him through his own fucking window!” Though Walker had told him about the event, he’d not really considered what it meant to her until he saw the tiny white scars on her knuckles. Regardless of what she did in the evening, no one had the right to violate her body, or presume her agreement. His breath became short and heavy as he tried to control the surge of anger that continued to spread through him.

She tugged her hand out of his, took a sip of her beer and shrugged as though it barely mattered any longer. 


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Amethyst Nights

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Copyright©Jackie Williams 2016

A new day, a new boss. And not one whom she welcomed.

Years had passed since she had first seen him. Years of long, dirty, exhausting days sat over her workbench dreaming of when Knights, Jewellers of Distinction, would be hers. An ambition now ruined by the man with gleaming jetty hair and an unforgettable sapphire gaze.

He’d missed the opportunity of a lifetime once before, but the fates sometimes conspire, second chances occasionally occur, and he wasn’t about to stand back and make the same mistake again.

Besides, how could he possibly refuse the offer? It was a fantastic deal. A five-year contract with no strings attached, and the possibility of a buy-out at the end of it. With the international jewellery fair looming, only his unrivalled reputation and hard-earned skills could put the long neglected London jewellery company back in the headlines.  

But fate and second chances don’t come without distractions. The distractions of a long legged supermodel, a skilful thief, and a curly haired designer whose captivating amethyst eyes promise days filled with intrigue and nights consumed by passion.

Book 2 in the Hidden Gems series, Amethyst Nights is a standalone book suitable for ages 16+ due to some sensual scenes and adult language.

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A Short Excerpt from Amethyst Nights

He ran frustrated fingers through his already dishevelled hair.

“Believe me, I know exactly how difficult Yasmin has been. I don’t know how you’ve managed to get it all finished. I’m actually impressed.”

Amy breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled what felt like her first genuine one for weeks.

“Thanks. They’ve turned out really well. Hopefully they’re going to make a good impression at the show.”

Cade picked up a bracelet. Facets of light glittered around the workshop.

“I don’t see how they can’t. Every piece is stunning and you have worked miracles on these settings. The work is so fine they are almost invisible.” He shook his head. “Incredible!”

Amy felt her cheeks heat.

“I’ve taken a lot of care with them. I didn’t want anything to spoil the beauty of the stones, but it’s difficult to keep the strength when the gold has to be so fine. Obviously I’ve used invisible or channel settings on the square cuts, and where we have round stones or other fancy cuts, I’ve only used the finest mounts so the settings only just fit over the girdle.”

Cade rubbed his thumb over the back of the bracelet.

“Feels like silk. You’ve done a great job, Amy.” He put the bracelet back into its box and wrapped the silk insert over it. “Get these over to the assay office as soon as possible. We have another couple of busy days ahead of us checking the display cases and the stand that I ordered.”

Amy put the last piece in its case and was about to place it in the bag with the rest of the collection when Cade moved at exactly the same time with the bracelet box. His knuckles knocked hers and she dropped her box. His hand shot out as he tried to catch the necklace before it slithered out of the box to the floor, but Amy had moved at the same moment. She let out a small gasp as her fingers caught the gems and his hand over shot its mark. His fingertips touched her breast for an instant before he snatched his hand back.

“S… sorry,” he stammered as he took a quick step backwards.

Amy knew that her cheeks had turned scarlet. She kept her eyes on the necklace as she fumbled it back into its box.

“It was an accident. Don’t worry about it.” She chanced a glance up at him and found his blue eyes on her. They had darkened, his thick lashes casting the colour in shadows as something burned in his expression. Was it anger? She tilted her head and frowned. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to drop it, but it’s all fine. No harm done.”

Cade let out a breath that he didn’t know he had been holding. A frown crossed his brow.

“Just get that lot to the assay office, will you,” he said roughly, then rolled his eyes as his mobile phone began to ring in his pocket. “That’ll be Yasmin. I’ll have to go and sort this out. We’ll discuss the display tomorrow.” He turned swiftly and strode back into his office, closing the door firmly behind him.

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