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In the last few years, I have been bitten by the writing bug and the words have just been spilling forth endlessly. It has become a grand passion that I just can't stop.

Handsome heroes are my favourite characters and I believe a true hero is never a bad guy. My books contain no arrogant apes that need their personalities pulled into shape. There are only genuinely heroic men, true to their word and their women. My  heroines are strong and sure, but want the love of their life to stand firm by their side and be there when the moment of greatest need arises.

As in all good romances, my heroes have to prove their worth. All of my books contain a moment or two of suspense to test our hero's nerves while my heroines go into battle with only their hopes and their dreams. Testing times lay ahead for all my characters, but a 'Happy Ever After' is only a few more pages away.


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Until recently I hadn't embraced the passions invoked by full on sexual scenes, but we all have a naughty side and I have expanded my horizons just a little with my new series, A Hole in One. 

It's a big departure for me as in general, I don't usually go in for graphic scenes. I prefer exploring the raw sensitivity and feelings expressed by couples when deeply in love, but tested to the limits of their emotional endurance. Rage, fear, desperation and disappointment as well as happiness, delight and ecstasy, are all part of the story, but of course there must be some trials and tribulations before the path of true love can run smoothly. I hope to have written the perfect combination of suspense, drama, sexy sensuality and delight. 


Ideas and Inspiration

France, France and more France! I just can't get enough of the place. Everything about the country entrances me. The way of life and the people's attitude to all things are so completely relaxed. I love everything from the wine to the political protests. I once had to wait in a vast traffic jam when on holiday there, while the protesting unemployed burned onions and tomatoes in the middle of the motorway. The rich aroma wafting down the tailback was just gorgeous. Did the commuters and holiday makers get in a flap about the protest? Not on your life! Most just whipped out their packed lunches or shopping bags and had an impromptu picnic in the middle of the road. I swear some of those held up nipped along the traffic to ask for some of the roasting onions and tomatoes!

Who but the French could make a demonstration so deliciously flavourful! 


Another source of romantic inspiration are French Chateaux. How could they possibly not be? You can be out on a countryside stroll or sightseeing along a cliff path or even searching for mushrooms in a forest and suddenly, out of the mist or through tree darkened paths, you come across the most beautiful, incredibly large, wondrously ruined Chateaux. Huge thirteenth century crenelated castles, decadent sixteenth century visions with turrets and towers, and even eighteenth century vanity mansions. They are all fabulously irresistible and never fail to inspire me. There is nothing quite like walking through crumbling arched doorways into vast, shadowy, cobweb filled rooms. My footsteps echo across the cracked tiled floors and, if creaking stairs allow, I just have to creep from the cellar to the tallest tower where I shout to the rolling countryside around me, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair".

It's just impossible to resist!


And Finally

Moments of mayhem. Random ideas that pop into my head at the least bit of notice. Perhaps a wild but well-formed dream, the sort that you don't want to end or groan at when you realize that you are actually still at home and lying in your bed. 

Take a look through my pages to discover the inspiration that has driven me to write each book and have a read of snippets and reviews of each of my books.







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History of project

I began writing for my teenage daughter Natalie, over three years ago. She adored all of my first attempts, but as I had also fallen in love with my characters I re read the stories and it became addictive to improve and expand them. The characters came to life and I found myself being drawn deeper into the descriptions of scenes and surroundings.

The decision to publish my first book came when Natalie and I where having a few mad moments as we were packing to go camping for the Queen's Jubilee in June 2012. We decided that we should do something spectacular to celebrate Her Majesty's triumphant sixty years on the thrown. What could be more exciting than publishing your own book? Natalie searched through her photographs for a spectacular shot that she had taken while we were together on a holiday the year before. It had been a perfect summer's day while on the beach in Brittany and she had been saving the picture for something fabulous. It just needed 'A Perfect Summer' to set it off.  

The moment I pressed the 'Save and Publish' button was one I will never forget.  

But the writing has become more than addictive. I now spend nearly every waking hour outside my day job putting fingertips to the keypad and even when sleeping a notepad is never far away just in case I wake from the middle of a dream with a fabulous storyline or a few words of dialogue that can to be used.

What began as a hobby to please my fourteen year old daughter suddenly became a way of life that I just can't stop.

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