Jackie's Naughty Side!

We all have one! Here's mine. 
A Hole in One!
(The Front Nine)
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Having suffered golf widow syndrome for many years and after trying the 
'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.' school of thought, with absolutely no success what so ever, I decided to delve into the sport a little deeper and see exactly why so many people spend hours of their free time following dimpled balls about after aiming them at very small holes.  After hours and hours of in depth research, I think I have discovered the answer.
It's amazing what a little fresh air and the delights of the English countryside can do for you!

Never one to let a few wayward balls spoil a good walk, join us in a short stroll along the front nine at 

Fairweather Fields.

Regardless of stiff shafts or loose grips, whether you drive deep or pull your stroke, prefer to play your wood in the rough or your iron in the bunker, with holes, poles and sweet spots abounding, there’s something for everyone who has ever thought that ‘playing a round’ is a euphemism for exactly that, ‘playing around!’

A Hole in One (The Front Nine) is a collection of nine short, sexy stories loosely based around the game of golf and only suitable for those aged 18 upwards due to its fabulously decadent content! 

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A Hole in One
(The Back Nine)
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