An Elusive Escape

My 21st book is out now!
The lavish Unrivalled Regency series just keeps getting better!
Irresistible reformed rake Lord Charles Latham takes centre stage in this delicious Regency romance, 
An Elusive Escape.
5th book in the Unrivalled Regency Series

copyright©Jackie Williams 2015

She had been banished to avoid the scandal, but now an even worse horror lurks. Running was Annabel’s only choice, her last chance to escape evil’s loathsome clutches. If only she had accepted Lord Latham’s generous offer, but her heart would not allow her to accept anything less than a marriage founded on love. And he didn’t love her.

He had missed his chance to have her once before. He wasn’t about to allow this second opportunity to slip through his fingers. If it meant he had to beat off all other contenders for her heart, to chase her down, and insist that she accept his offer, Charles would go to any lengths to do it.

But with dread and foreboding inching closer every day, Annabel’s luck is running out. Will she be caught in terror’s vile grasp, or will she accomplish another Elusive Escape?

An Elusive Escape contains some sensual love scenes and is an endearing love story suitable for anyone age 16 and upwards. As part of the Unrivalled Regency series, An Elusive Escape is a stand-alone story, but the series is best read in order to fully appreciate the depth of the characters and previous situations.

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A Short Teaser

An Autumn Escape

The floorboard creaked under her slippered foot and she stilled immediately, hardly able to breathe as she listened to the snores coming from her great aunt’s room. The heavy, rasping breaths on the other side of the door didn’t falter and Annabel breathed out gently as she moved silently along the hallway.

A flickering light filled the gap beneath the next door, but a muffled and regular grunting gave her hope that their visitor had fallen asleep too.

Not lingering for a moment longer, she kept to the edge of the servant’s staircase and made her way down the ancient treads as quickly as possible. Once in the hallway, she turned towards the kitchen and thanked the stars that she’d had the foresight to oil the squeaking door hinge earlier in the week.

She lay her bag on the long kitchen table and glanced back at the door before sliding into the larder and after taking a chunk of bread, a slice of meat, and a wedge of apple pie, she folded the meagre provisions into a square of linen.

Two minutes later, with her bag now complete, she changed her slippers for her boots, opened the back door, and closed it gently behind her. The slither of crescent moon barely gave her enough light to see beyond her immediate surroundings, but she knew the way across the yard well enough.

Not daring to take the horse and be chased for theft, she was about to pass the stable when a dark shadow moved in front of her. Startled and more scared than she had ever been in her life, she was about to turn and run when a familiar, but quiet voice soothed her nerves.

“It’s me, Miss Bellingham. I didn’t mean to scare you.” A hand came out of the darkness and took a gentle hold of her shoulder, stopping her headlong run.

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